Beta Pitch for SnipRSS

Company / App Name: SnipRSS

What does it do?

SnipRSS is a tool for curating your own custom RSS feeds from any source on the internet. Snip content as you browse, including podcasts, videos, articles, social posts and more within seconds to your own custom feed.

Why do we need it?

Makes collecting and sharing content a snip. It saves huge amounts of time and makes sharing engaging content easy. Share custom feeds with individuals directly or use the feed to automate social feeds or RSS-to-email newsletter campaigns.

Who is it for?

SnipRSS is for content creators, curators and newsletter owners. Anyone capturing content online to share with others can benefit from SnipRSS.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

SnipRSS is simple to use, low cost at just £18 annually for our Pro plan and built by RSS experts behind Multi-RSS tool FlipRSS.

What’s next?

SnipRSS is opening up to new beta users now – it’s free for all users up to 50 posts with unlimited RSS feeds.

We’re launching today 28th August 2021.