Beta Pitch for Pebble Finance

Company / App Name: Pebble Finance

What does it do?

Cut the junk out of your investment portfolio. Instead of buying vanilla ETFs (like the S&P 500) you can create custom tailored versions for you that reflect your opinions and values.

Why do we need it?

ETFs are an easy way to diversify… but in doing so you are funding companies that don’t align with you. We all have different opinions, different values… Pebble enables you to diversify and differentiate.

Self-directed retail investors.

Who is it for?

Prior to Pebble… this was only a capability of the high net worth crowd paying annual fees north of 1%.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Pebble is able to bring this directly to consumers, atop of your existing broker, for as small as $1000 invested.

What’s next?

We are #buildinpublic… feel free to download the app on IOS or Android. We’ll ask you to join our Pebble Beta slack so we can collect and iterate on feedback (features, form and function).

Fall 2021