Beta Pitch for fruits: your one-click-shop for digital products

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Company / App Name: fruits: your one-click-shop for digital products

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What does it do?

With fruits you can sell your digital products on your website, your social media channels, in your newsletter or where ever you want to super fast and without any technical knowledge, with one simple shopping link.

Why do we need it?

You have a digital product and want to sell it easily and quickly?

1. upload a file at & set a price
2. you will receive your individual fruits sales link
3. share the link wherever your customers are

Happy selling!

Who is it for?

We build it for e.g. content creators, digital nomads, freelancers and side hustlers! Basically, for anyone who wants to offer digital content as easily as possible without any prior technical knowledge.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our unique selling point is the simplicity and speed with which content creators can sell their products. We also take care of automated invoicing and VAT service.

When and how are you opening up your beta to new users?

We are in an open beta since April 2022!

When do you plan on launching?

We plan the official launch for June 2022.

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