Beta Pitch for Brandy

Company / App Name: Brandy

What does it do?

Brandy is an Al service for the development of graphic design. It allows you to automate the development process, offering many design options in seconds. This Al is able to understand you without howard.

Why do we need it?

Based on the research conducted by the target audience, the current design generation services are too similar, offering, for example, logos from already prepared icons, which reduces the individuality and originality of the design.

This service is intended for beginning entrepreneurs, owners of small firms, as well as the founders of a startup.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Out of the total number of services, this one stands out for the full-fledged creation of an original graphic design. And also, the fact that the service is able to suggest and give advice on which design will work better.

What’s next?

The beta version of our service will be available in September 2021 and will be a website with which users will be able to interact and create a design.

Based on the initial plan, the launch date is scheduled for the end of 2021.