Beta Pitch for Aloe Points

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Company / App Name: Aloe Points

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What does it do?

Aloe Points gives shoppers sustainability scores for different products (starting with foods) to help them make greener choices. We will also provide a gamified shopping experience that tracks and rewards greener choices!

Why do we need it?

It’s hard to know what’s genuinely sustainable and by how much. By consolidating a whole host of factors (such as carbon emissions, water footprint, and more) into an intuitive grade, Aloe will help shoppers make the greener choice!

Who is it for?

For shoppers who want to lower their environmental footprint and better understand the impact of their choices on the planet!
Sustainable retailers/restaurants too can benefit by intuitively communicating their sustainability credentials.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It’s hard to consolidate the information and labels out there to know whether products are genuinely sustainable or not. Aloe provides a holistic, intuitive grade with meaningful breakdowns and explanations that reduce noise.

When and how are you opening up your beta to new users?

We will open up a super-simple ingredient level environmental scorecard on our website in the next 2 weeks. You can join the waitlist NOW!

When do you plan on launching?

We are launching a website in the next 2 weeks and will open up a simple beta. We will launch a mobile app in the next month. Join the waitlist to get notified of launch dates and get your hands on the product!

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