Company / App Name: Yipeedo
Twitter – @yipeedoo

What does it do?

Yipeedo is a recommendation engine for young consumers (18-40 years) in urban centers who need to plan a day in city around F&B, Movies, Plays & Events & that, unlike existing solutions, will build end-to-end plan as per user’s choices

Why do we need it?

While people go out to eat but a good number of times they don’t go out JUST to eat.So, when they go online to plan, they don’t plan JUST to eat but look for an experience!
That is where Yipeedo will fill the gap.

Who is it for?

Young consumers of age group 18-40 years who plan their day in city around movies & food and would like to have an app do it all for them instead of they browsing multiple websites and stitching a plan for themselves.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Yipeedo is not a listing site, its a recommendation engine that will create actionable plans for users. Its a friend you need in city to help you plan a dull day with ease and make it a fun day out!

What’s next?

Mobile app and many more features.

Pitch Video