Company / App Name: Yeller
Twitter – t_crayford

What does it do?

Yeller tracks exceptions your customers hit in production, and gives you smart tools for debugging and fixing them quickly.

Why do we need it?

Developer time is expensive. Even more so tracking down bugs takes a bunch of time, especially if they’ve been hit by many many customers. Yeller drills through the noise and gives you accurate diagnosis of what broke

Who is it for?

Software developers who want to spend less time debugging their exceptions, and more time providing value to their employers and customers.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Most exception trackers just give tell you the information you gave them, with no analysis. Whilst this is useful, analysis really helps developers fix bugs faster.

What’s next?

Yeller’s next steps are even smarter debugging tools.

First off is graphs – knowing exactly when an exception happened is super helpful when debugging.

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