Company / App Name: Xpenditure 


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What does it do?


Xpenditure is a mobile and web-based expense management system that automates the expense management proces from receipt to accounting.

Making use of intelligent scanning, expense reporting has never been easier.

Why do we need it?

Everybody loses a receipt from time to time, but this means you cannot report this expense, so you’re losing money. With Xpenditure you can easily digitize your receipts and all relevant data is automatically extracted.

Who is it for?

From freelancers to SMB’s and enterprises, from Brazil to Australia, all of our users have one thing in common: they spend less time managing and reporting their expense since they started using Xpenditure. They even save money with it!

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Digitizing your receipts by taking a picture with your smartphone wil save you lots of time, and you won\’t lose a receipt again.
At the end of the month you can easily generate an expense or reimbursement report in just a few clicks.

What’s next?

Connect Xpenditure to your favourite accounting software:

Your expenses are part of accounting, but we don’t want to re-invent the wheel. That’s why we’ve chosen to integrate our app with leading online accounting software.

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