Company / App Name: Xpect
Twitter – xpectio

What does it do? is a cloud hosted monitoring solution which takes less than five minutes to set up. It makes the tedious task of adding monitoring dead simple, and gives you the confidence that everything is working as expected at all times.

Why do we need it?

Any web service or site will eventually fail for one reason or another. This results in businesses spending huge amounts of time, effort and money to set up monitoring solutions for the services and events they rely on.

Who is it for?

Xpect is for devops and sysadmins who want to implement solid monitoring in as little time as possible. It helps you monitor any piece of code as fast as copy-pasting a snippet of code.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Xpect is based on expectations instead of continuous polling. This makes it very suitable for monitoring certain kinds of events where traditional monitoring solutions like Nagios are cumbersome.

What’s next?

We’ve just launched and there are lost of things we haven’t had time to implement yet. However we’re constantly adding new functionality and listening to community feedback to decide what’s next.

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