Company / App Name: WorldCraze
Twitter – @Worldcraze

What does it do?

WorldCraze is the World’s largest crowdshopping platform. We connect travelers and people willing to buy exclusive or cheaper goods from abroad.
People get in touch, they set their tip together and all there is to do is to meet up!

Why do we need it?

Whether we live in Paris, Beijing, Moscow or San Francisco, there is always something we crave and would love to see in our own country. That is why we list the latest releases and deals from all over the World on our website and app.

Who is it for?

WorldCraze allows travelers to pay off some of their expenses while fulfilling peoples desires of exoticism.
You are now able to buy your new mobile phone 30% cheaper from Tokyo and get your and exclusive tea from the Darjeeling.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

User IDs, Bank Accounts and mobile phone numbers are all verified. Eventual legal issues are taken care of, regarding custom duties, types of product, payment and so on.
We make sure that everything goes according to people

What’s next?

We are looking at new markets, such as Central America and the USA, and Asia later on.
Eventually, we wish to bring the Crowd-Shopping wave to people from all over the World.

Pitch Video