Company / App Name:
Twitter – wordlink

What does it do?

WordLink is a newsfeed, a search engine, and an analytics platform – all available on web or mobile.

Why do we need it?

WordLink’s mission is to improve the way people consume media, and to help them discover novel content beyond their personal networks and preferred sources.

Who is it for?

Great tool for anyone who wants to stay in formed on current events and the effects of social media on trending stories. Publishers and journalists will love the analytics where they can see how social engagement effects a stories traction

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Its patented system uses your activity on social networks to sort the world’s news. Share, like, comment, tweet, favorite, pin, or up-vote a story or video on any social network and you drive content up the front page of WordLink.

What’s next?

Now that the site and app are ready we are starting a youtube channel where we will broadcast a news show on trending world news generated by

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