Company / App Name: Won It!
Twitter – won_it_auction

What does it do?

Won it! is a reverse auction that puts customers in the driver seat. Pick a product, invite friends and save big. Once 100 people join your auction it begins. The price starts at retail and then rapidly falls until someone pulls the trigger

Why do we need it?

Shopping is finally fun. Ecommerce is a snorefest. The only thing that comes close is flash sales. Won It! is an experience where you can crush the competition for your favorite product or lose it all.

Who is it for?

Online shoppers and deal hunters. Frankly, anyone who wants to waste a minute on the train or in a meeting. Its fun just to watch!

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Simple stupid design. It’s intuitive and brilliant. Something this beautiful never felt so rewarding. Plus its game-like entertainment makes it interesting as you compete against the world for a kick-ass price.

What’s next?

We’re giving away 5 $42 gift cards to the first 200 users. We’re launching a private Beta Test on 4/2. Sign up to get exclusive access to some tasty deals. We treat guinea pigs very nicely.