Company / App Name: WhizzTips
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What does it do?

WhizzTips is the platform that connects skills with needs locally, Worldwide. WhizzTips’ location based on-demand services ensures customers find help nearby than waiting for hours & days to get a minor fix done, quickly & affordably.

Why do we need it?

We all experience the need for a quick fix or a service in our homes. Calling a company will probably break the bank. That’s where WhizzTips comes in. Use the App to find experts in your area and get the job done – quickly & affordably.

Who is it for?

WhizzTips can be used by anyone with a smartphone running on iOS or Android. Since the services offered are home related, it appeals to the masses and anyone running a household should have the app in their list.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We aspire to become the enablers of global employment. Senior citizens who have years of experience in their fields, unemployed youth in developing countries, college grads wanting their first break etc., will all find the platform engaging

What’s next?

Recruiting many more experts & achieving more App Installs are key. This means social media, SEO & community marketing. Hiring support, legal and marketing personnel. Adding company registration to WhizzTips in the next version.

Link to Company / App Demo video