Company / App Name: Webiners
Twitter – @SaasWebiners

What does it do? is a platform where anyone can publish and promote webinars, webcasts, workshops, recorded seminars and lectures just with one click.

Why do we need it?

If you want to promote webinars, you can find it quite challenging. It’s a long process that requires a lot of work and money, you even may need expensive technology and software.

Who is it for?

Webiners is for SMEs, large enterprises, startups and pretty much any business which is interested in hosting and promoting their webinars.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Webiners gives users the opportunity to create a personal page to promote content With Webiners, users can track attendance, see who is attending a webinar, and get feedback Users can invite people and transform them into leads.

What’s next?

Webiners is looking to expand the options it offers its users, by one day offering to host their webinars on its domain.

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