Company / App Name: Wannahaves
Twitter – @wannahaves

What does it do?

Wannahaves enables users to discover and buy lifestyle items through their tastemakers. And the best thing is, when a users becomes a tastemaker themselves, their activities can even turn into a moneymaking business via user revenue shares.

Why do we need it?

Scouring the web for style inspiration, the endless supply is just overwhelming. Where can I find the latest items that fit my style? Providing a tastemaker-curated feed with items that enhance your style is thus what Wannahaves is about.

Who is it for?

Among other markets, we are currently focussing on the rising middle class in SEA countries. Energized by the rising affluence, the consumer quest for developing a distinguished style has never been more intense in this region.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Aside eternal fame, community members who gain the tastemaker status can easily monetize on their style influence. E.g. revenue shares can be earned on every purchased item they added first. Becoming a tastemaker will thus really payoff.

What’s next?

Enabling users to buy all user-curated items on our site without ever leaving Merchants can then apply to sell those items and convert on buying intent data in real time. Moreover, a mobile app is high on our priority list.

Pitch Video