Company / App Name: Voxeet
Twitter – @voxeet

What does it do?

Using patent pending technology, Voxeet Natural Conferencing provides free crystal clear, relaxed conversations, without the choppy, walkie-talkie strains of traditional solutions.

Why do we need it?

Patent pending 3D-immersive audio tech & visual cues let you listen to multiple participants as if seated around a conference table, the ability to “whisper” to individual participants & transparent transition between computer & mobile.

Who is it for?

Right now we have a strong focus on info workers in small to medium-sized businesses and bizumers, but this will open and grow as we add functionality and gain adoption.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

HD voice quality-focus on the conversation, not the poor connection. Speaker Recognition via 3D sound & visual cues-always know who’s talking. One-click transfers to mobile-don’t interrupt calls when you need to be on the move.

What’s next?

Having just closed a $1.5m seed round in January 2014, look for many innovative feature additions in the months to come.

Pitch Video