Company / App Name: Voog
Twitter – govoog

What does it do?

Voog is a mess-free platform that enables you to build awesome websites with a creative flow. Focus on what really matters to you: Voog is exceptionally easy to design, straightforward to build for and unbelievably simple to use.

Why do we need it?

Voog is a tool for building and managing exceptional websites. It’s rather easy to use, yet super flexible at the same time. You‘ll never grow out of it. It’s said to be the best website builder in the world for multilingual sites.

Who is it for?

Anyone building a modern, responsive website can take advantage of Voog. No learning or computer skills are required to manage content with Voog. It’s also a perfect service for web designers and developers for creating customer websites.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Most of the business websites in this world have to be in multiple languages. Unlike in other website builders, in Voog you can just add a new language anytime. All technical aspects like are set up for you automatically.

What’s next?

Voog is a dream come true for designers and developers creating sites for their clients. This is your chance to build something really beautiful while making your client’s content management easy like Sunday morning.

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