Company / App Name: txtMovies
Twitter – txtMovies

What does it do?

txtMovies enables you to easily text customers, prospects, employees and survey respondents Movie Rental Codes from Redbox(tm), the nationwide leader of DVD & Blu-ray movie rentals with over 3 billion discs rented from 35,000+ locations.

Why do we need it?

At only $1.99 per movie delivered with your custom text message, txtMovies is the ultimate customer appreciation tool. It can be used to thank a customer for a referral, reward a customer for taking a survey or celebrate a birthday.

Who is it for?

txtMovies is used by businesses, salespeople, call centers, real estate agents, teachers, coaches and doctors. Anyone who needs to give an affordable gift that can be redeemed on a nationwide basis at over 35,000 locations.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

txtMovies delivers what people want. Everyone loves movies. Redbox rents over 3 million DVD & Blu-ray discs per day and a movies provides hours of entertainment for an entire family for only $1.99. That\’s a great return on investment.

What’s next?

We have delivered other products via text (SMS) message including eGift Certifcates and Bitcoins.

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