Company / App Name: Twoople
Twitter – @Twoople

What does it do?

Twoople, is a universal messaging platform that connects people instantaneously by simply clicking a URL.

Why do we need it?

Designed to facilitate and encourage networking, a Twoople address can be shared anywhere professionals want to be engaged: business cards, email signature, social media, ads, website,


Who is it for?

Professionals, businesses, blogs and websites.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Create your personalized Twoople address and share it for online engagement. A multi-platform tool that combines the strengths of IM and web tool Twoople allows users to switch their conversations from web to mobile, or through the app.

What’s next?

Twoople soft-launched last March 5, 2014, at DX3 in Toronto, the largest digital marketing, retail and advertising conference in Canada. Twoople
App, which is now available for download on Android and iPhone.

Pitch Video