Company / App Name: TouchVu
Twitter – @TouchVu

What does it do?

TouchVu instantly turns Facebook business pages into beautiful websites optimized for all devices. Create your maintenance free website with just 1-click.

Why do we need it?

Develoing and maintaning a website for your business can be a pain. TouchVu allows you to easily create your website using your Facebook business page. Once the site is created, keep it updated simply by posting fresh conent to Facebook.

Who is it for?

All businesses and services. Music & Entertainment. Photography. Restaurant & Hospitality. Retail & Fashion. Design & Art. Personal.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The simplicity of our app leads to customer satisfaction. The idea a user can create a site once and keep it maintained in real time just by sharing content on Facebook is incredible. Our sites are fully optimized for all mobile devices.

What’s next?

TouchVu is preparing to lauch our app out of beta. New features will include adding pages to your site, integrating social media, themes, purchasing domains through TouchVu and more!

Pitch Video