Company / App Name: ToDoWiz.Biz
Twitter – todowiz

What does it do?

Todowiz is here to help you keep track of everything you can not You might be planning a jungle adventure, getting through your chores, or just doing what you do everyday.

Why do we need it?

Would you like to work towards goals and deadlines? Do you have everyday tasks? You can add reminders, recurring tasks or even subtasks. Thus, your life and tasks can be kept right on track and on time with no effort-forever.

Who is it for?

Have a large project to complete? The all-new Todowiz Pro allows your team to tackle anything with much less effort. Need a proposal for your client? The Assign-to-dos will split the work up among your colleagues. That way,

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Available for free on all your devices
Lightning speed performance and wireless sync.

What’s next?

Seamless collaboration
With a little help from friends

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