Company / App Name: Todoed
Twitter – Todoed_pwl

What does it do?

Turn any text into task with just one right click.
Todoed helps you and your coworkers to have a raw todo list while chatting, a way of quickly delegating tasks by highlighting and right clicking on any text, anywhere on the browser.

Why do we need it?

Users needs to coordinate with teams via mobile, where communication happens happens via fb chat, emails and similar tools.
Todoed suffices as the first point of reference for organizing your tasks, being the fastest to-do listing app.

Who is it for?

In startup’s, among youth, the communication primarily happens happens via Facebook, mails, Yammer etc.
Todoed is our attempt of making any text accountable thus leading to more productivity.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Todoed extracts the info and adds it to your coworkers task list just by highlighting and a right click from wherever the first instance of your task was discussed, not disturbing the flow of that discussion.

What’s next?

Currently, Todoed is live as Chrome-plugin.
Next we are launching soon, the app for Androin and iPhone.

Pitch Video