Company / App Name: TimeToHire.Me

Twitter – TimeToHireMe

What does it do?

TimeToHire.Me is a simple, free to use, online platform designed primarily for students to store and manage their internship or job applications, to schedule interviews and track their progress in the hiring process.

Why do we need it?

Like most, I used to fill a spreadsheet for my applications… until I found myself struggling with multiple folders and had files (resume, cover letters) I couldn’t access from other computers. TimeToHire.Me is my attempt at fixing this

Who is it for?

TimeToHire.Me is designed by and for students on the lookout for an internship. It can also be used by people who need to send applications and cover letters and track their progress. People like regular job seekers, typically.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

I am not aware of any free web service tackling this niche =)

What’s next?

My objectives are to: get feedback from as many people as possible, fix bugs, add features and try to monetize. TTHM will remain free for students, but am considering having a small, no-strings-attached, monthly usage fee for job seekers

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