Company / App Name: THRE3D
Twitter – THRE3Dco

What does it do?

At THRE3D we take the complexity and fragmentation out of 3D printing to make buying a 3D printer easy. We also know that choosing a printer isn’t the end of the road, so we’re providing 24 hour phone support for our customers.

Why do we need it?

Finding reliable information about 3D printers, materials and how they work together is a huge pain; we have all the products available on the website and incredible crowdsourced content to showcase what they can actually make.

Who is it for?

Anybody whos in the market for a 3D printer, materials or accessories ( scanners or filament extruders) or just curious about the technology. Professionals and consumers both can save a massive amount of time by using THRE3D.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

For the 1st time, browse and compare all the products side-by-side.
Great search tools.
Community tool that lets users show off their 3D prints and tag the printer.
Educational pages about the types of 3D printers and how they work.

What’s next?

We recently started not only providing info, but also directly selling products through drop shipping arrangements. We want to gear up and have every product in the industry available through us. Also, make out data tools awesome!

Pitch Video