Company / App Name: Thought of You
Twitter – thoughtofyouapp

What does it do?

Thought of You is an App for iPhone and Android enabling you to communicate with friends & family via photos, music, videos and words.

By doing so, you generate unique and very personal timelines, collected and saved by Thought of You

Why do we need it?

Thought of You is a calm, relaxed and positive way of communication, which you dont find in comparable Apps. It has a unique way to collect dialogs, which makes it more and more valuable for the user as time goes by.

Who is it for?

It is for families (communication between the generations), for lovers and close friends. It is generally for people who love old fashioned communication with state of the art technolgy.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The design of the App and it´s compact functions lead to very personal dialogs and a calm, relaxed and positive atmosphere. The valuable memories are collected in an appealing way. The user can easily browse through them.

What’s next?

New language versions: currently Thought of You is available in German and English. Next languages will be Spanish, Portuguise and Russian.

We are always happy for feedback from the users so we can improve Thought of You.

Pitch Video