Company / App Name: TestVita
Twitter – Test_Vita

What does it do?

TestVita provides you with your own Online Assessment driven training platform with the following

* A versatile assessment platform
* Ability to deliver HTML, PDF docs and Videos
* Get detailed Analytics

Why do we need it?

* To deliver training material and assessments in a quick and easy manner, to track performance, usage and improvement over time of students / trainees

* To deliver evaluations towards certification or compliance

Who is it for?

TestVita is design to be used by

Individual Trainers
Training Organisation
Subject matter experts / Content Developers
Companies delivering training to own employees

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

A versatile assessment platform to suit a wide variety of scenarios. Have objective, subjective question types and Rating based type for personality tests. Variety of test delivery modes for different stages or learning / evaluation

What’s next?

Start your free trial now
Get your own online training website in 2 minutes
Map it into your own web domain
Upload content and and Share

TestVita is designed to be very simple to use.

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