Company / App Name: Temponia
Twitter – Temponia

What does it do?

It allows you to track time worked through an easy to use interface. Temponia can be used for teams as well as single users. We give you reporting with filtering and grouping possibilities so you get the reports you need.

Why do we need it?

To make sure you don’t loose any money by not invoicing your time worked. Because nobody likes timesheets, so we try to make the process as painless as possible with a great user interface.

Who is it for?

Both individuals and teams. From small to big companies. Anyone looking for an easy way to enter timesheets and get good reporting. If you are a single user and only have one or two projects then you can use our product for free.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Unlike other time tracking apps we use a calendar for both input and visualisation. This gives you a great overview of your tracked time as well as more in-depth reporting.

What’s next?

We’re just getting started. Next on the radar are graphs, more reporting possibilities (group on different levels), etc. We love to get feedback from users to improve our product.

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