Company / App Name: Template2Pdf

What does it do?

Template2pdf is an API that provides pdf-generation out of templates that non-technical people can define and modify.

Why do we need it?

Non-technical people didn\’t want to learn my ruby dsl. Neither how to write latex-templates, nor how to write html and css. HTML-WYSIWYG editors never work without problems.
Using OpenOffice/LibreOffice just worked.

Who is it for?

It is targeted at developers and software vendors who do not have an interest in implementing and running such an infrastructure.
Just send an http request, fetch the pdf and you are done.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Template2pdf supports common odt features like page numbering, headers, footers and nice page breaks. It is easy to populate multiple lists like invoice items into tables. It stopped my customers from asking for layout support.

What’s next?

Image support is ready but not yet in production.

Pitch Video