Company / App Name: Teambuild
Twitter – @teambuild_pwl

What does it do?

Teambuild is the latest way of building team page on your website. It comes with features which will help you to speed up with new generation virtual life.
It will completely change,the way you think,team page can be build on your website

Why do we need it?

In online work culture, people keep on coming & join your work group. Also, someone leaves. That cycle goes on. Its very hectic to add & remove everyone’s data from team page. Teambuild helps you to do that very efficiently.

Who is it for?

All types of company websites, with customized design as per everyone’s use. Mainly for online start ups.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Easy handling. Great user interface/graphics. Customized design, as per use. Professional links sharing of team member. Message box for user & team member. private chat box for team member.

What’s next?

It is a brain child of preseed web lab by The Preseed. .Its one flagship product has launched & installed by many as google crome extension, Todoed. Next on the line are, idealistr, Purehoney (for more visit:

Pitch Video