Company / App Name: TaskClone
Twitter – taskclone

What does it do?

Automatically extracts todos from Evernote notes and sends them to your favorite task app. No need to change your workflow to get items OUT of your notes and INTO your task management system. Your task also links back to the note.

Why do we need it?

TaskClone saves you the time spent finding and transferring tasks from your notes to your task management system and the pain of forgetting tasks left behind in your notes. Get the action items out of your notes automatically.

Who is it for?

TaskClone is for everyone who wants to be more organized and productive. Everyone who wants to make sure important tasks are not lost in the cracks of your system. TaskClone is used by entrepreneurs, business execs, students and more.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

– Works with 40+ apps (e.g. Wunderlist, Asana, Todoist)
– Works automatically in the background
– Works on all Evernote platforms
– Only service that works with individual tasks (eg. checkboxes)
– Reasonably priced at less than $16/yr

What’s next?

Also schedules tasks or events in Google Calendar directly from within Evernote.

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