Company / App Name: Tapmyads
Twitter – @tapmyads

What does it do?

Tapmyads is mobile advertising network provide advertising solutions to the local and global advertisers and monetizing solutions to app developers and mobile web publishers.

Why do we need it?

Local Advertisers are not able to utilize Mobile Advertising fully in current ad networks.Level of transparency for advertisers. So we found solution for it which will save huge amount of money for local as well as global advertisers.

Who is it for?

For all those who want to promote their brand, app, games, shops,etc. on mobile and all mobile app developers and publisher to earn money from their app and site.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We are working all metrics and innovative ad format to get good ROI on both publishing and advertising side. We have developed platform from taking consideration of Local advertisers as well as Global Advertisers.

What’s next?

We are making our platform available not only to the B2B but also to the B2C which has a reach of around 4 Billion people in the world. Our competitor’s don’t get the accurate demographic data but found breathtaking way to get it.

Pitch Video