Company / App Name: Super Fit Land

What does it do?

Super Fit Land is a handy, completely free exercise app features over 100 workouts that require NO equipment, the ability to create 5 of your own workouts using a handy editor, and 6 colorful, fun trainers to keep you pumped. All FREE!

Why do we need it?

Some Apps claim to be a “pocket trainer”, but this is a whole different experience that turns your home into a trainer’s studio. Plus the App can become whatever you want: Abs? Cardio? Arms? What workout do you want?

Who is it for?

People who need some motivation in their workouts and don’t want to pay for it. People who are ready to sweat. People who like free things.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It has all the features that PAID Apps have: workout tracking, complete list of workouts, custom features, share options, achievements, only it is FREE. Plus, it isn’t a bland App with bland voices. It’s fun … and sometimes funny.

What’s next?

More users? More features! I’m still in communication with many real personal trainers who are giving me ideas. Yoga? A whole new App focused on weight lifting (weights required)?

Pitch Video