Company / App Name: SunnyReports
Twitter – @sunnyreports

What does it do?

SunnyReports is an Adwords reporting tool.

Create easily and quickly custom Adwords reports by selecting the metrics you need and the visualization you want. Reuse reports in one click (automation is coming)

Why do we need it?

Adwords reporting is a pain for web agency and adwords campaigns manager. It s important for the client communication but clients doesn t want to pay for it.

You save time and you send beautiful custom Adwords

Who is it for?

SunnyReports is perfect for web agencies and Adwords freelance who want to make their Adwords client reporting easy and quick.

But any company who is using Google Adwords can use SunnyReports to monitor their key metrics.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Easy and useful are the main feedback from our users. Even if we add features every week, we take care to keep the tool easy to use.

SunnyReports allows to create custom Adwords reports and not generic reports.

What’s next?

Our development are driven by our users. We have plenty of features in our todo list and we scheduled to add automation and branding in the next weeks.

Feel free to try SunnyReports and tell us what you need.

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