Company / App Name: Suggestme
Twitter – suggestme_com

What does it do?

Suggestme offers its users the opportunity to create their own personalized city maps using real-time information taken from social media.

Why do we need it?

Through real-time data you don’t need to be worried about any nasty surprises. Users can discover information about interesting and new spots that can be easily taken on the city trip in the form of a map.

Who is it for?

Travelers who want to have real-time information about the city they will visit, instead of static and outdated information.

What makes it stand out from the crowd? focuses on the crowd-aggregation model of publicly-shared social media content, making Suggestme always current and topical.

What’s next?

Through working with locals, our editorial team, and the constant scanning of social media, we will continue to provide real-time varied and quality information, something that remains the highest priority for us.

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