Company / App Name:
Twitter – stepupio

What does it do?

With our website, you can break down any YouTube video into steps that you control, which also loop so that they are easier to follow. Language, dance, musical instruments; everything is made easier to learn with

Why do we need it?

The internet is rich with tutorial videos but they move too quickly or aren’t clear enough for people to follow, so viewers have to stop, rewind, and repeat sections again and again to really understand. It’s frustrating.

Who is it for?

YouTube channels like HouseholdHacker, MonkeySee and Howcast have received a massive 1.5 billion views between them. We want to help those people. If you have ever began a search with “How to…”, then we want to help you too.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

There\’s really nothing quite like it. YouTube’s interface is fine for relaying non-interactive content, but for an interactive learning experience there’s nothing as intuitive and flexible as

What’s next?

More videos, more users, more content. We’re updating the site every day with new features (such as slow motion playback), and we’re continuously improving our powerful editing tool at the heart of the site.

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