Company / App Name: Spreebie
Twitter – Spreebie

What does it do?

Spreebie is a service that helps shoppers share their purchases of consumer products they love and also helps prospective shoppers find deals and sales. The users provide all the related product and location information themselves.

Why do we need it?

Online shopping is still stuck in the past. Sharing knowledge and discovery of consumer products is usually best made by buyers of consumer products. Spreebie provides just that: a place where consumers inform other consumers.

Who is it for?

Spreebie is for shoppers and prospective shoppers; anyone with a product to share or anyone looking to discover a product, a sale or deal. Businesses can also use it to showcase their merchandise.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Unlike generic online stores or deal of the day sites, it is actually shoppers who share the products and in a sense, recommend to other users what they should consider buying. Consumers decide what gets seen and eventually bought.

What’s next?

The next step is adding direct messaging, followers and following features. It also needs to be optimized for ALL Android screen resolutions. Spreebie is currently available for Android only. From here, the app will be ported to iPhone.

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