Company / App Name: Splittbill App
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What does it do?

SplittBill an amazing iPhone App that allows you to split any bill with your friends in no time and in just a few taps. Zero typing –> few taps –> all done

Why do we need it?

Whatever you are up to, SplittBill saves your time, eliminates the hassle of splitting the bill and even updates your friends and family i

Who is it for?

SplittBill is great regardless if you are an aspiring artist, career lawyer, college student or a scuba diving instructor!

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Great Features – This is what separates SplittBill from everything else!
Intuitive streamlined user Interface
No Typing
Minimal Learning Curve

What’s next?

Coming Soon SplittBill is currently under active development. And we are hoping to have an astounding product, which you can get very soon

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