Company / App Name: Spectafy
Twitter – @spectafy

What does it do?

Spectafy uses a crowdsourced community of iPhone and Android app users to bring visual information to users on-demand. Request an image of a location, get a real-time visual in seconds.

Why do we need it?

See what the weather is like at the park before you go take your dog. See what the surf is like at the beach before you head out with your board. See what the courts are like before you try to find a pick-up game at the park.

Who is it for?

Mobile users looking to be more productive by getting visual information quickly.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Incredibly easy usability, a great crowdsourced community, completely different concept than most apps trying to solve a similar problem.

What’s next?

The beta is currently giving invitations in San Francisco!

Pitch Video