Company / App Name: Spacedeck
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What does it do?

“Spacedeck helps distributed Teams work together on visual projects. On web-based whiteboards called Spaces, users create concepts and ideas and share them in real time with friends, colleagues or clients.”

Why do we need it?

All content is synchronized automatically across browsers and devices. Spacedeck emphasizes a painless integration of multimedia formats and cloud platforms like Youtube, Vimeo or Soundcloud.

Who is it for?

We currently target people who traditionally visualize and communicate ideas on big canvaseswhiteboards, project walls, interactive smartboards,

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Spacedeck is the only visual collaboration app that can export work into good-looking PDF. So you can go the whole way from first idea to polished pitch in Spacedeck. A famous ad agency in Berlin just delivered a successful pitch to Nike

What’s next?

We’re developing a complete native iPad version of Spacedeck, which we’re putting significant effort into. We also want to grow to at least 100k users this year.

Pitch Video