Company / App Name: SourceRooms
Twitter – @sourcerooms

What does it do?

SourceRooms streamlines the sourcing process by eliminating unnecessary ambiguity and boosting clear, concise information exchange between requestors, buyers, collaborators and their potential and realized suppliers.

Why do we need it?

1. Speed up the sourcing process. Free up valuable time.
2. Dramatically increase overall visibility
3. Compliancy made easy

Who is it for?

Procurement and sourcing professionals and their collaborators.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

No overload in functionalities. This simple, intuitive and effective solution is fueled by real-life insights from successful sourcing professionals and their collaborators.

What’s next?

More features like: integrated e-Auctions, advanced milestone and activity planning, API, integrated supplier e-contracting flow, and much more.

Pitch Video