Pitch for Soundest

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Company / App Name: Soundest

Twitter – soundest

What does it do?

Soundest is email marketing tool for small and medium e-shops.
Seamless integration with the most popular e-commerce platforms makes it very simple to start using. Users can send 1 million emails / month absolutely for free!

Why do we need it?

1. Soundest can be integrated with just few clicks.
2. In-shop editing tool helps to shorten time of newsletter editing up to 10 times. User just needs to click on product in his e-shop & it will be added to the newsletter
and more…

Who is it for?

Small and medium e-shops using various e-commerce platforms, such as Tictail, Shopify etc.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

1. Users can send 1 million emails / month absolutely for free!
2. Unique in store email builder. Create newsletter faster than ever before.
3. Integration between e-shop and Soundest requires just few minutes.
4. VERY user friendly

What’s next?

1. Growing number of supported e-commerce platforms
2. More features in “smart layer”. Features which help increase revenue with automatic data analysis. Soundest will not just give insights. It will give the results with few clicks

Pitch Video