Company / App Name: Socialdek
Twitter – @Social_dek

What does it do?

It gives to user the ability to instantly get the Facebook data that they need for page or post data in ready to use charts either to monitor those metrics on daily basis or to export them for further use.

Why do we need it?

To speed up your Facebook reporting and monitoring process,
to visualize the data instead of raw numbers compared to Facebook export spreadsheets and to pull as much data as you need. (Yeah no 90 day data limit).

Who is it for?

For anyone that has Facebook page or manages Facebook pages for their clients, and wants deep reporting with only the data that they want.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Easy to use interface, ability to pull as much data as you want, 9.205 possible custom page insights, and much more.

What’s next?

We currently have a Closed Beta signup at: until the 29th of December. We encourage you to signup and help us improve even further our platform.

Pitch Video