Company / App Name: Soapbox
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What does it do?

Soapbox is a brand new Debate site that seeks to make online discussion better and more fun. In the past, you might get on a soapbox in the public square to share your opinions. Now, that Soapbox has come online.
‘Step up & Speak up’

Why do we need it?

Public debate is both vital and popular. Soapbox brings Online Debate to a new level by:
1 A high caliber design & interface not otherwise seen on forum sites
2 Providing individual (and free) Debate groups on the site called Societies

Who is it for?

As people of all cultures, nationalities and ages have an innate desire to both express and convince, Soapbox is a platform for all: for the student on her phone, to the pensioner in his spare hours.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

1 Competitive elements such as Polling, Audience Growth, Cheers and Heckles
2 Elements of physical market-square debate such as the Soapbox & Megaphone
3 Social Networking elements such as Societies.

What’s next?

Soapbox\’ first target audience is students. The site is being marketed through Social Media, Real Debate Networks, and a University competition later this year, as well as through blogs, influencers and advertising.

Pitch Video

Company Video is found on the homepage on the banner (under the white sign-up button).