Company / App Name: Sliptree
Twitter – @sliptree

What does it do?

Invoicing software that is actually easy to use.

Why do we need it?

What struck my eye with Sliptree was the attention paid to design – everything looks as if I laid it out by myself – everything I need is at the touch of my fingers and there is no clutter.
Janno is the manager at Reanimatsioon Ltd

Who is it for?

entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

I thought it takes me some time to learn. It didn\\\’t! It is so super easy and intuitive, that I feel bad I had wasten my time with other methods so far. Great work!
Hannes Lents

What’s next?

We have currently MVP2, but working already on MVP3 (new back end and new invoice overview page). API is working, but just need to connect to new back end.

Pitch Video