Company / App Name: Simraceway
Twitter – @Simraceway

What does it do?

To reinvent the racing game. Simraceway is more than just a game. It’s a fully-featured racing world that is busy reinventing the racing game. Take on an array of real and fantasy tracks in big-brand licensed cars.

Why do we need it?

Enable a range of adrenaline-fueled contests, including on-demand multiplayer events, testing time-limited challenges and full-size recreations of real-world racing series.
– Race for big prizes, including virtual goods, and notably CASH

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in racing with high level physics developed cars with a skill matching engine that enables real money games to be played if required whilst maintaining a FREE to play ethos with all cars gained by credit accumulation

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Enjoy door handle-to-door handle action whatever your driving ability, thanks to a revolutionary skill-matching system.

What’s next?

To establish a route to funding that will enable the company to develop a new version of the game for multi platform exploitation on formats such as mobile, steam, and more. The product needs updating but we have all the learnings to date

Pitch Video