Company / App Name: Simitless
Twitter – @simitless

What does it do?

Simitless proposes a platform for creating data web apps for market and business intelligence, including everything from input to sales.

Why do we need it?

Organizing and structuring data is hard. Building usable and useful data web apps is expensive. That is why people don’t do it or do it poorly. That stops knowledge exchange and prevents experts from capitalizing on their know-how.

Who is it for?

Domain experts (like journalists, business consultants, market specialists, freelancers, scientists, entrepreneurs, etc.) and anyone who has substantial amounts of data (and market and business insights) to juggle.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

-Organize your data the way it is intuitive for you
-No code, real-time
-Simitless handles the entire technology and billing stack and provides a landing page to build web presence when you decide to sell accesses to your ap

What’s next?

More users, more feedback, more functionalities, more development – best platform for data web apps ready!

Link to Company / App Demo video