Company / App Name: Searchgonzo
Twitter – searchgonzo

What does it do?

We’re developing Searchgonzo, a product discovery engine, helping online shoppers to search, find and explore their favorite products from fashion, sports, travel or home.

Why do we need it?

Online shopping shifts from search to (vertical) discovery. Searchgonzo is positioned in the intersection of both.

Who is it for?

Users who know what they’re looking for and just search for the right merchant; users who want to get inspired by what others are searching for; users who want to discover new products in a simple, visually graspable and intuitive way.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We tried to keep it dead simple and user-centric, so we employ no paid search results, no advertising banners, no spam, no huge “BUY NOW”-buttons all over the page, no snooping on user data, no log-ins required.

What’s next?

More vertical categories, such as electronics and others, are coming soon. More features will also be added.

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