Company / App Name: Satsum
Twitter – @satsumrocks

What does it do?

Satsum is the easiest way to start managing your customer feedback and improving your service. Unlike other online survey tools, Satsum figures out which questions to ask then highlights actions for targetted improvement.

Why do we need it?

Happy customers lead to better, more profitable businesses. Satsum delivers the benefits of consultancy-based research at DIY survey prices.

Who is it for?

Business who care about improving their service; whether they run a hotel, an IT service desk, a restaurant, a solicitors, a website or a business school.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Satsum is the only automated survey tool that has advanced statistics build in. So we can identify which aspects of your service are most important to your customers. And you can target improvements where they’ll have most impact.

What’s next?

Integration with other cool digital partners to make the customer feedback process even simpler to deploy and action.

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