Company / App Name: Reset My Case
Twitter – ResetMyCase

What does it do?

Reset My Case enables you to change the look of your iPhone case as often as you want without accumulating a collection of different cases through custom-designed printed inserts which fit perfectly into one durable, transparent case.

Why do we need it?

Getting numerous iPhone cases is expensive, wasteful and limits you to a handful of designs. With Reset My Case, the possibilities are endless. You can change the look of your case whenever you please to match your style or mood.

Who is it for?

Reset My Case is for iPhone owners of all ages.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

For kids, it\’s like trading cards for your iPhone case. All the fun of collecting and trading with friends plus the ability to display your favorites on an item you have with you 24/7. For adults, it turns your iPhone into an accessory.

What’s next?

Do it yourself insert kits. Limited edition themed inserts for various niches. Exclusive inserts from other artists. A web app for creating your own inserts.

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