Company / App Name: Resembl
Twitter – @resembl

What does it do?

Resembl is a visual search engine for furniture and home decor. Users simply click on product images to find similar-looking products and can apply filters to sort by size, color, material and style.

Why do we need it?

The lack of alternatives to traditional keyword-based searches can make furniture shopping a difficult task. Resembl solves this problem by providing an accurate curated search using a special algorithm to help you find products you need.

Who is it for?

Resembl is for anyone interested in all things interior design and home decor. Whether you are involved in the design industry or are in need of new furniture, Resembl can redirect you to the best online merchants out there.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Resembl is different because our images are specially curated by actual people, providing for a better search. We are also a social site. You can email product links to your friends, share it on Twitter or add it to your Pinterest boards!

What’s next?

In the near future, we are working on expanding our product line and improving site functionality.

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